When selecting a replacement drum, the manufacturer's name and part number is helpful. If this information is not available, a replacement drum can be selected by comparing dimensions. Below are those dimensions requirements. We must have at least C, D, E, J, K and O to make a selection.

  • A. Overall diameter of the drum
  • B. Dust Shield recess diameter (if applicable)
  • C. Brake Surface Diameter
  • D. Overall depth
  • E. Brake surface flat
  • F. Depth of dust shield recess
  • G. Squeeler band thickness
  • H. Distance from outside of backface to start of taper
  • I. Inside finished diameter
  • J. Bolt circle diameter
  • K. Pilot diameter
  • L. Outside finished diameter
  • M. Diameter at taper
  • N. Backplate thickness
  • O. Bolt holes: number and size

This information and more can be found in FleetPride's Catalogs. We are also more than happy to answer any of your questions. Just give us a call at 330-419-9057 or stop by the shop.